Sunday 16 December 2018 : Kris Cringle Moor walk

9 Miles
Start Time
Faceby Map of meeting point
Jennifer Rayner

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Meeting Point: North York Moors On the Faceby road near Carlton in Cleveland GR 50967, 04006

Parking: Parking is off road, please make sure you are not blocking anyone's driveway. car sharing where possible

Description: Kris Cringle Moor walk. A walk that is everything Christmassy. Holly bushes, ivy, Christmas trees, 5 gold stones, Horsedeers sorry no reindeer and Cringle Moor (Kris Cringle = Santa ). The walk starts on the Faceby road walking up the steep hill through the forest of Little Bonny Cliff onto Gold Hill which "Myrrhges" on to Carlton Bank on the Cleveland Way. Then we walk along the top all the way to the 5 gold stones (Lordstones) where we walk through Christmas trees. Here we have lunch with a cheeky nibble on mincepies, stollen or Christmas cake. Then its a bit of a steep climb up and over the Cringle Moor until making our way down over some fields and back to the car. Everyone must be in the Christmas spirit and wear on the day something Christmassy whether it be a Santa hat, tinsel, baubles or something obvious or funny,as we will be having a group picture.