Saturday 14 October 2017 : West Tanfield to Ripon

9 Miles
Start Time
Ripon Map of meeting point
Jennifer Rayner

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Meeting Point: We are parking up at Marygate carpark (£2) in Ripon at 9:20am walking to the bus stop for the 09:40am bus to West Tanfield which is £2.65 each.

Public Transport: number 159 bus stand 3 to West tanfield at 9:40am

Parking: Parking in Ripon Marygate carpark £2 all day.

Description: It is a very easy walk ,extremely flat. We follow the Ripon Rowel Way for most of the walk walking by the river. We finish in Ripon, going to the nice pub by the river for a drink before going back to the car so take your monies with you.

Picture of Walk at West Tanfield to Ripon