Welcome to GYBO!

Do you want to …

  • enjoy the countryside?
  • get fit and be healthy?
  • make new friends?
  • join in other social events?

If so … read on … we are the group for you!

We are a friendly and sociable walking group, part of the Ramblers. Aimed at people in their 20s, 30s and the young at heart, we welcome walkers across North Yorkshire and the East Riding.

You can also join our group on Facebook, where you can keep in touch with other group members, share photos and arrange lifts and car-shares.

We have a new website!

As you've likely already noticed, the website has been redesigned.

We felt it was time for a change in order to make it more friendly and easy to use on mobile devices.

We will continue to make smaller changes to improve the site, and would welcome any suggestions you think might help. If you find anything doesn't work as you'd expect, please give us a shout.